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Live Web Cast Gig with James McGrath & Band – Tonight 17th Oct 2008 9pm

As part of my work with YoughalOnline.com I will be broadcasting a live gig from Claycastle Recording Studio, Youghal. This will be the first time a live gig will be streamed live from the studio.

An interview and live music performance with James McGrath & Band will start @ 9:00pm for 45 minutes (approx). This will be the first of many live web casts planned for artists & musicians that will feature on www.YoughalOnline.com

Filming & Web Streaming by Youghal Online Productions, Audio & Recording by Claycastle Recording Studio

For more info on James McGrath visit:



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  1. Phil Barnhart · October 23, 2008

    Had several people here in Austin (live music capital of the US) ping me on this – congrats!

  2. VU · April 7, 2009

    dang i missed it. :(