WordPress 2.5 Upgrade – Sweet!

wordpress logoIn the past few weeks I have upgraded my WordPress version from 2.3.1 to 2.3.3 and tonight to version 2.5 I must say everything went sweet!

I actually like the new interface it’s much more condensed and customizing the dashboard is simple. The option to upgrade newer plugin versions via FTP is really cool!

The image manager is excellent, I now no longer have to scroll down to the bottom of a post to insert images and the Gallery feature is a welcome. Toggle Full Screen mode is great and eliminates the double scroll bar issues when managing a long post. Just to note I have 7 various plugins on my blog and all work fine after re-activating them.

That’s all I’ve got time for now… must go, play and discover more sweet functions with this upgrade…. 🙂

Thanks to the team at WordPress for all your fine work!

Update Saturday 05 April

I decided to upgrade YoughalOnline.com WordPress version from 2.3.3 to 2.5 this morning using the excellent “WordPress Automatic Upgrade” plugin as recommended but not tested by Donncha at his blog.

The auto upgrade plugin does exactly what it says on the tin, it was a blistering fast upgrade all in all in around 5 mins I had installed the plugin and had my files and database backed up, the new 2.5 version files were installed and the icing on the cake was my plugins were re-activated. There was an automated process but I didn’t go with that route as I like to see what happens etc.

I would highly reccomend the auto-upgrade plugin, everything ran smooth!


I mentioned above “Just to note I have 7 various plugins on my blog and all work fine after re-activating them.” I must say I ran into a fatal error with the “Popularity Contest” plugin version 1.3b3 from Alex King.

To fix the error open popularity-contest.php and scroll down to line 59.

Replace require(’../../wp-blog-header.php’); with require(’../wp-blog-header.php’);

This tip came via kenmcguire