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9 Oct 2009

Pearl Jam – Backspacer – Full Album Listen For Free

You like it? Go buy it here: BUY >> PEARL JAM – BACKSPACER For its ninth album, Pearl Jam chose to go back to working with producer Brendan O’Brien. The album was the group’s first album to
12 Sep 2009

Faster Grooveshark Search Add-on for Firefox (auto-suggest feature)

I coded this firefox add-on to query the Grooveshark search site much quicker than their standard search tool add-on. Grooveshark currently provide a useful search add-on, it installs Grooveshark search to your current list of search engines
14 Nov 2008

MidLake – Head Home – (Final Version)

Just because I like it…. Embedded Video Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: midlakehead home headhome youghal youghalonline texas denton sxsw official
27 Nov 2007

Faster SkreemR Audio Search Add-on for Firefox (auto-suggest feature)

Update 3rd Dec 07: James over at SkreemR has officially added my Firefox plugin to their 3rd party plugins “Tools” page view the page here I coded this firefox add-on to query the SkreemR mp3 search site