Free YouTube Video Downloader & Path To FLV Finder Tool

Click here for the “YouTube Video Downloader & Path To FLV Finder Tool”


Click here for the “YouTube Video Downloader & Path To FLV Finder Tool”

This is a follow up article on my previous post “How to get the direct url path to .flv video files on YouTube for Free” it’s a collection of php scripts mashed together from around the web. It will enable a user to fetch the actual .flv path url to a YouTube video.

If anyone is interested in the code leave a comment request and I will contact you.

Hope this helps you!

ps: I decided to run Google Adsense on the tool page as a lot of time is spent on building and sourcing the code…

Faster SkreemR Audio Search Add-on for Firefox (auto-suggest feature)

SkreemRUpdate 3rd Dec 07: James over at SkreemR has officially added my Firefox plugin to their 3rd party plugins “Tools” page view the page here

I coded this firefox add-on to query the SkreemR mp3 search site much quicker than the standard search tool add-on.

SkreemR currently provide a useful search add-on, it installs SkreemR search to your current list of search engines within Firefox. By searching for an artist or song you are directed to the SkreemR website and results are displayed.

I re-coded their XML install file to include a live suggest feature pulling related words as you type from Yahoo to speed up your search query.



1. The below image shows the default SkreemR add-on, you have to type in the artist and song title and then click on the magnify button to complete a search:


2. And here is my improved version in action, as you type you will be prompted with relevant words speeding up your search, no need to click on magnify button. Just type, select, go.



Try It Out:

If you haven’t installed the SkreemR search add-on for Firefox please try my version:

Firefox SkreemR Search Add-on Auto Suggest“Click here to install Firefox auto suggest search add-on”


How to uninstall:

To uninstall the add-on just select “Manage Search Engines” from your drop down list then select and remove it.

Hope it improves your search speed on SkreemR

Note: This add-on will install to “Microsoft Internet Explorer” browser but the auto suggest feature is disabled.

If your interested in the code?

To view the source of the xml install file click here

What is SkreemR ?

SkreemR is a search engine for locating audio files on the web.
Some quotes about it:

“Music search engine SkreemR turns up a nice selection of MP3 files from all over the web…” –

“If you are looking for a great mp3 search engine you should head over to Skreemr immediately.” –

How to Grab a Thumbnail Screenshot Of Any Website

An easy tutorial on how to grab a thumbnail image screen shot of any website. This is an easy way for webmasters to grab a screen shot of their own websites to include them in their portfolio pages, clients websites or just storing the images for later use.

We will use Snap Shots cached thumbnails to retrieve a web page screen shot. You can grab a small 270 x 173 pixel image or a large 427 x 274 pixel image of your website here is do it how to:

In your html page just call the image from within the <img> tag like so:

<img src=”” />

snap shot small

or if you want the larger size type:

<img src=”” />

snap shot big


Make it appear in the browser:

Type the above url into you browser address bar to get the image. By default the small 270 x 173 px appears if you want the large version 427 x 274 px just append &size=large to the url like so:

Dont forget to change the url in my example to the website domain you want to grab.

Give it a go right here:

Type in your domain name and select small or large then submit.

Small Large

I cannot see my website screen shot why?

The Snap Shots website bot has not yet visited your website, it will not have a cached screenshot of your website therefore you will see this image:

snap preview

If this happens just leave it there on screen for a minute so that the Snap Shots website has time to visit the url and take a screen shot.

Just refresh your page again after 1 minute and the image should appear, if not try again after few minutes.

Please do not hotlink to the image on the Snap Shots website just wait for it to load in your browser and then select save image as, also by default the image will be named”preview.jpg” change this to your liking. Thats it…..