Google Maps – Animated Directions – Fun!

I have been playing around with Google Maps lately and have come across a few scripts I had from a few months back… This is a bit of fun!

Google Maps Animated Directions - Fun!

[Click Here to try out Google Maps animated directions]

What this does is you input a start location and an end destination in the input boxes, press the start button and watch the journey animated with a small van icon.

It will display your current speed, mph, road names & routes as it plods along call it “sat nav” on the cheap… 🙂

I have a preset journey leaving from Patrick’s St, Cork, Ireland going to The Square, Blarney, Cork, Ireland but you can change the start and finish locations to your own liking.

What’s also interesting about this map is it will take you across channels e.g. I put Rosslare as start and Swansea as finish and it took me across the proper channel route and then continued on the roads in the UK!

I’d imagine it will take you to anywhere that Google Maps can find….. [Click Here to try it out]

7 thoughts on “Google Maps – Animated Directions – Fun!”

  1. Woa! great share mate! it is exactly what i was looking for! thanks so much for sharing i will use this type of map in my upcoming project!


  2. Hey there,

    Very nice script. How is it made? We need to do something like that for a school project. I’m looking since hours now, how i can do something like that. Our input datas are gps points which come from a gps router and which are saved in a postgres database. Now we need do animate the driven way of our vehicle like a forwarded movie, so you can see the driven way for example of one day.

    On which input datas is this one based? Can you teach me something about, how it does work?

    Greats and thanks


  3. hi there
    I am want commplete code of this animated direction
    can anyone tell me how i use this code stepby step
    thank you

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