Pubs Of Youghal – Google Maps

Pubs Of Youghal - Google MapsThis a Google Maps visual tour of the pubs of Youghal, Co. Cork, Ireland. There are 28 active pubs and bars in the town. Click on markers to view photos, address, telephone numbers, pub info etc.

I created this map just for fun but also to play around with ideas on how to code for Google Maps.

Click here to view the map

If you ever get around to having a drink in all of them don’t forget to mention I sent you there…

8 thoughts on “Pubs Of Youghal – Google Maps”

  1. Is this another attempt to get more people into these drinking establishments, Do you work for the Irish Vintiners Association?. I am appalled, you must know that the largest user of the internet these days are young teenagers so you must be aware that they will find all these places a little easier. You would be better off putting in items like the local churchs which everyone can use rather then these places.
    Sean Capall

  2. Sean,

    Thank you for your post let me explain… I did state in my post that

    “I created this map just for fun but also to play around with ideas on how to code for Google Maps.”

    Now to strengthen that I work as a Web Developer and regulary code maps depending on the project. This map “Pubs of Youghal” was created purely for information purposes, it is not age specific I find it surprising that you were “appalled” by it.

    Also I do not work for the “Irish Vintners Association” or any alcohol related association for that matter. Teenagers are very sharp minded these days and I’m sure they know already where these pubs & bars are… whether they are allowed in and served alcohol is another matter.

    Putting in a map of churches? Why? Its a map of pubs not churches.

  3. Hi Kieran,

    I’ve just stumbled on to your map of Youghal pubs, and I was wondering if you could help me at all. (Long shot I know!!)..
    Basically I’m tracing my family tree, and I’ve managed to trace my great great Grandfather back to Youghal, in the 1830’s. His name was John Prendergast (or Pendergast), and he was a publican somewhere on North Main Street. His son, also called John, moved to London around 1847, which is where 3 generations remained…
    It may be possible that the pub on North Main St is still there now!!
    As I said, it’s a long shot, but here’s hoping you might have enough local knowledge to help me out!
    Martin Prendergast

  4. Hello,

    I was in Youghal a couple of months ago and there was a pub with a ring toss game haning on the wall in the back by the pool table. the game had metal hoods with different point values, and you toss rubber rings, and there is a net under it. I want to buy the game for my girlfriends birthday but I can’t find it online. I live in the United States so I would have to have it shipped. Do you know what pub it is or where I can buy that game and have it shipped to me?



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