Ticketmaster.ie – Where Are The Cheap Seats?

I’ve come to realise a strange pattern when booking ticket online using ticketmaster.ie First off when I am logged into my account with them and I’m searching for tickets why is it that I can never book the lower advertised (cheap seats) prices? its like those prices don’t exist for online users.

I say this as having bought quiet a lot of tickets this year alone from them. A recent example was buying 2 tickets for a friend for the “Prince” concert in Croke Park this summer. The morning of the sale I was logged in prior to the 8:00am ticket sale and as soon as online booking started I proceeded to book 2 tickets but no matter what way I tried to book I had no choice but pay the premium price of €126.50 + booking fee per ticket as apposed to the much cheaper €66.50 per ticket, I just don’t get it!

Same scenario booking tickets for “Wwe Raw – Wrestlemania Revenge Tour” Belfast, I’m taking my two sons to that event as they are completely into wrestling at the moment, well they’re aged 11 and 8 so it will be a mind blower for them, but tickets for that event were advertised at €20 and €55 per ticket and guess what Yep! I had no choice but pay the premium again online.

Anybody out there manage to book standard tickets with ticketmaster.ie online? I’d like to know?

3 thoughts on “Ticketmaster.ie – Where Are The Cheap Seats?”

  1. I was very disappointed not to get tickets for the Glasgow event. After staying up very late last night to set up credit card details etc for a quick link to getting tickets (price not a problem as ringside is preferred)I still did not get any. Kids 5 & 7 unconsolable. I logged on into my account about 8.50am and I also had the phone ready for calling. I don’t know how else I could have prepared myself any better to obtain 3 much wanted tickets.
    I have been trying again tonight and I am disgusted at the amount of people selling tickets at outrageous prices on ebay. How do these people manage to obtain tickets and the general public who have children that watch them constantly, dress up as them, and think they are actually real, do not manage to get hold of any.
    On ebay, There are about 150 tickets (ringside) for sale.
    I will not use this website for tickets in the future.

  2. Lisette… I’m glad you have responded to the same dilemma! This doesn’t seem fair but we have to put up with it. I’m sure the people that have a preference or an inside influence have the priority choices when it comes to main event ticket sales…

  3. Kieran, I must say, I think you’re right.
    In todays Sunday Mail, I see the 1st advert for this event. What chance does anyone have when seeing this advert, decide to treat their family, only to discover that it was sold out by about 10am yesterday.
    May be of interest (I am going to try just now) website on this advert is http://www.bookingsdirect.com.
    I also emailed wwe.com about this very situation, so I will let you know if they respond or ignore me.

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