YouTube have blocked my download tool!

It’s less than 48 hours since I posted my last article “Free YouTube Video Downloader & Path To FLV Finder Tool” and today I noticed that the download tool has stopped working! At first I thought  it was a code glitch, but no I checked everything out and it was clean? then I tried uploading the same scripts to a second server and yes it worked, I even tried the same scripts on a third server and it worked…. and one last shot was to try the scripts on a different domain but same server “Bump!” no joy…. 🙁

Could it be that YouTube/Google tracked the script page because of the Adsense banner? (maybe)…  and the fact that a heap of trackback links from crap blog scrapers featured the article….. What to do now… Should I remove the scripts and links to it…. I’m not sure?

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  1. Kieran,

    I use a Firefox Plugin called DownloadHelper. Works for all kinds of media. Videos, images, etc.

    It’s available on the mozilla addons site.

  2. All in one video bookmarklet downloader has ceased downloading from youtube as well.. Other people have had similar issues with their youtube download programs also. It must be something new done by youtube to try and stop downloads. However, Still works fine though..

  3. Steve … thanks for the post… I suppose it was only time before YouTube changed their backend system to stop us writing scripts to downloads the videos… I believe Youtube are blocking the IP address of any script found that allows a user to download videos, I have done a test and found that my same scripts work fine on another server, I dont want to post a link to it as the YouTube police might track it’s location. 🙂

    Yes Keepvid still works for now I spoke about it in my other post…
    read it here >> How to get the direct url path to .flv video files on YouTube for Free

  4. Keepvid direct URL stopped working for me so I found an another way to get the direct url for independent streaming and an easy way to download via Mozilla Firefox. It looks comprehensive but it is very easy and fast when you get into it.

    1. First install Clear Cache toolbar button, an addon that will be handy:
    (Clearing Cache will make it easy to find your DL/direct entry in step 6)
    2. Open Firefox.
    4. Use clear cache button.
    3. Paste video URL in address line to load and start your video. (Like this one
    4. After it starts to play, type and enter: “about:cache” in the address line.
    5. Under “Disk cache device” find “List Cache Entries” and click it.
    6. Locate and click entry URL looking something like this:
    7. Among other points, you will find:


    Click it to download flv


    To get direct URL, use:


    …mark out direct URL and it will look like this:

    This one is a google video and is little more tricky because I had to replace “” with “”

    Usally it looks like this:

    Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
    …and marks out:

  5. abhay… I have also tried downloading the link you provided but had no luck… I have a feeling these movies are streamed rather than downloaded from a specific location.

    Anyone else able to download the movie link?


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