Capella Hotel Castlemartyr 100 Million Closure – A short video documentary

A luxury resort hotel opens and closes in just 14 months. What happened and why was this 100 million euro closure not reported more widespread.

The Hotel opened by then Taoiseach Bertie Ahern in 2007 and closed its doors December 2008. This is a short documentary about that time, it was created by Supplevideo On YouTube…

[youtube width=”500″ height=”307″][/youtube]

2 thoughts on “Capella Hotel Castlemartyr 100 Million Closure – A short video documentary”

    • Donncha… it’s fairly grim considering on the main Capella website they announce a new hotel opening in Castletownbere in Summer 2009

      I was happy to highlight this video for a friend who worked at Capella Hotel Castlemartyr before its current closure, the video speaks on behalf of a lot of like minded employees, they are hoping people will pass on the link to make as many people aware of Capella’s work ethic and practises.

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