Connection Problem On My Own Website – Imagine / Gaelic Telecom

Gaelic TelecomI haven’t been able to connect to my own website with over 2 weeks, I could ftp or use a proxy server and that was fine but no browser connection with either FireFox or Internet Explorer.

By the way my broadband connection is with Gaelic Telecom who are a white label for Imagine so on Friday night last I called support and ran through the usual things with them but no luck, the following night still no feedback from support so I decided to try a different route. I used the ip address to access my site with a forward slash tilde /~ and username and it worked this is what I used: this auto redirected me to and I was able to view the website.

The strange thing is that when I tried the url everything worked. Its like it updated DNS or something.

I don’t know if this was the solution or just coincidence but it worked for me.

Anyway if your interested below this is the email I sent to followed by the reply I received this morning. I’m hoping this post might help others out there if they have stumbled upon the same problem.

Email sent to Imagine/Gaelic Telecom Support


My Internet Connection is fine but I’m just having problems connecting to ONE site

I’m running Windows XP Professional SP2. with browsers IE7 & Mozilla Firefox

Measures I have taken so far:

1. Cleared Internet Cache and Cookies.
2. Rebooted router and computer.
3. Tried accessing it in different browsers. (IE7 & Mozilla Firefox

Some Observations:
1. I can access the site through a proxy server fine.

Other steps taken:

Command prompt:

ipconfig /flushdns

Windows IP Configuration

Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.

I have done a Tracert from command prompt as follws with the results below:


Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms
2 26 ms 25 ms 27 ms []
3 22 ms 63 ms 24 ms []
4 22 ms 23 ms 22 ms []
5 26 ms 29 ms 25 ms [
6 26 ms 24 ms 24 ms
7 106 ms 106 ms 108 ms
8 106 ms 105 ms 105 ms []
9 1050 ms 113 ms 112 ms [66.197.
10 112 ms 111 ms 113 ms []

Trace complete.

Also tried to ping:

Ping request could not find host Please check the name and
try again.

And finally the usual error response from the browser window:

The requested URL could not be retrieved


While trying to retrieve the URL:

The following error was encountered:

Unable to determine IP address from host name for
The dnsserver returned:

Server Failure: The name server was unable to process this query.
This means that:

The cache was not able to resolve the hostname presented in the URL.
Check if the address is correct.

Your cache administrator is


Generated Thu, 01 Nov 2007 21:55:01 GMT by (squid/2.6.STABLE13)

Can you please advise on what to do here, I can access from any other computer not from my home connection with no problem.
Is there possibly a dns cache problem with my connection and ?

Hope to hear soon,

Kieran McCarthy

Response back from Imagine/Gaelic Telecom Support

Hi Kieran

All of the filter servers now have the IP address for this host, but it seems that filter6 did not have it at the time you had the problem. We’ve no known problem with DNS at the moment.

This could have been a once-off problem, or it may happen again; if it does, then email us again and we’ll look into it again as quickly as possible.

We would suspect this to have been something to do with the DNS for that domain, rather than being a filtering problem here or being a imagine dns problem.

Imagine Support

6 thoughts on “Connection Problem On My Own Website – Imagine / Gaelic Telecom”

  1. I would be inclined to think that it was a problem with their proxy server.

    I’m not sure why they are forcing you to use their proxy server. Do you have it configured in your browser settings? If you don’t then they are forcing you to connect transparently through it and I would seriously consider changing to another provider because the will get to know quite a bit about your browsing habits otherwise. It is also interesting how they refer to their proxy servers as filter servers. Given these names it does indeed look like they are filtering what their subscribers are looking at.

    But back to the original problem. It would seem to be that filter6 was mangling your browsers header requests. Apache uses these headers to tell it which virtual hosted domain has been requested.

    If I were you I would ditch them as soon as possible citing privacy concerns.

  2. Some good points there Robert… I forgot to mention that while talking to support they asked me to change TCP/IP properties to:

    Use the following DNS server addresses:
    Preferred DNS server:
    Alternate DNS server:

    These settings are still in place.

    I haven’t replied to their email yet but I think I will drop them a line, even if its to find out about filtering and privacy issues.

    So then now to look for another broadband provider? Eircom are totally off my list! Any suggestions?

  3. Er.. eircom would be my choice.


    I’ve bitched about them at times but as for what they let you do with a static IP they really can’t be faulted.

    Granted I have a business package but I’m free to run whatever servers I want to i.e. Web, mail, ssh.

    If your ISP is running you through a proxy that is a sure sign that they can’t afford capacity. The 3G broadband offers are the exact same. They will give you a speed of 3.6Mb but only to their POP (point of presence). After that you’re screwed.

    3G coverage here is shite. Plus half the town have bought the 3G modems. They are all connecting through the same masts and Vodafone, 3, and O2 simply can’t meet demand. All those 3G modems shove you though a proxy anyway.

    It’s pretty obvious Gaelic are doing the same to their DSL subscribers.

    To be fair to eircom I can’t fault their price for the service I get. At least my service isn’t being restricted in any way.

    To put it another way, Gaelic are certainly not providing you with the service you are paying for.

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