How to download and save Bebo video files – the easy way.

How to download and save Bebo video files - the easy way.

I was asked by my friend Shane Supple if it was possible to download a video that was uploaded to

It is not as straight forward as you may think, having tinkering around with source code etc. I discovered that when you upload a video to Bebo you are actually storing your file on so I took the embed source code that Bebo provide which reveals the first part of this tip.

Go to a  page that displays a bebo video, you will know it is a bebo video because their logo is embedded as a watermark over the video then scroll down till you see the “Embed” part of the page.


download or save Bebo video files - the easy way


Copy the embed code and paste it into Notepad, it will show something like this:

<embed width=”425″ height=”350″ src=”” FlashVars=”bgColor=FFFFFF
&forcePlay=false&logo=&allowFullscreen=true” quality=”high” allowScriptAccess=”always” bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” scale=”noscale”wmode=”window” name=”VE_Player” align=”middle” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” pluginspage=”” /><br><a href=””>Watch More Videos</a> Uploaded by <a href=”″></a>

All you are interested here is the part:

To download and save that file you need to put _high.flv to the end of the URL string in order to download that file in .flv format.

So the new URL would be:

Type or copy/paste this URL into a browser window and you will be prompted to download the .flv file

Try it here:

How to play an .flv file

You need to download a FLV Player to play back the .flv file. There are many free flv players available on the internet I use Wimpy FLV Player. No installation needed as its a stand alone player and it also supports drag and drop. It is available for both Mac and Windows.

Download it here:

There is probably lots of software and tricks to download video from Bebo but I think this is the quickest way around it. Hope this helps you…

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  1. When you are dowloading videos off bebo is there anyway you can convert it so you can put it on your ipod?? ive followed all your instructions and then i tried to convert it using videora ipod converter but it just said that it failed to convert. ive no idea why because it works with all the other videos i have in flv format. pleeeeeaase helpp??

  2. Emma I would try an online video converter service like to convert the flv url to mp4 for ipod for you

    Just like I explained in the tutorial above make sure you have the full url to the flv file, then go to and input the url into the box provided then select ipod from the drop down box list and the last step give them your email address and wait for a while say 10 mins.

    Now go check the email address you gave Zamzar and if it is ready they will give you a download link to the converted file, its a free service and it works a treat. Just save the file and import it into itunes to save to your ipod. Remember the download link only lasts for 24 hours so don’t forget to check your email.

    I have tried this method and it worked for me successfully for ipod video.

    Thanks for visiting and please let me know if this helps you?

  3. Andy “Notepad” is a very basic clean text editor program and its probably already on your PC, it comes free and you will find it if you go to Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Notepad

    Thats assuming you use Windows?

    Does this help you?

  4. Martin I would first download the .flv file and then go to to upload and convert it to .wmv

    As the query about the other video you want to download, I am not sure which video you want to download? The Postcode Challenge? There are 6 episodes… let me know which or what video you want to download and I will try my best to help you.

    Hope this helps you…

  5. thank you so much for your help so far Kieran.
    i have got the first video sorted.
    but i still need the postcode challenge one.
    i need episode 6 part 1.
    as my mates didnt get past round 1.

  6. Kieran… you are a star, this all worked brilliantly so good infact I used the method to do another thing I’d forgotten about.

    Thanks again,


  7. Darren… thats strange? can you give me the url to the bebo video, that way I can try the same steps as yourself and I’ll try an figure out whats wrong… Send me or post up the video link.. thanks for stopping by..

  8. Hi Darren… I downloaded the above video from bebo and it played fine using FLV Player & also played fine on Wimpy FLV Player.
    If you followed my instructions you would have Wimpy FLV Player on your PC. It has been suggested that you may need a video codec to fix the video playing upside down so here’s a free one to try —-
    Download it and install,you may need to restart and then try playing the FLV file again.

    Also try downloading a different bebo video to see if the same thing happens, let me know?

    Post back your progress here, I’d like to know how you get on?

    Bye for now….. Kieran

  9. Hi Kieran,

    I’ve tried everything suggested – nothing is working!!!

    Is there any chance you could list the URL for the same download you have on here, so I can save it?

    Many Thanks for your kind assistance.

  10. Hi,
    I stumbled on this site and I would like to thank you for an easy way to download from Bebo! Until now I have been unable to do so. Cheers.

  11. hey i cant do it lol could you possibly download them for me and send them please? it would be great if you could

  12. Jess … I wish I could help you but all I get when I visit the bebo link is just a profile… what video do you want to try download specifically and I will try help you the best I can?


  13. friday nite out wid the boi

    friday nite wid the bois 2

    friday nite out wid the bois 3

    if possible please?

    i cant do it im not sure if im getting the right bits to download it lol


  14. Wow, thanks so much! I’ve ben trying to find a simple way to download videos off bebo for a few days now and everytime I seemed to find one, I’d have to download some sort of add-on/application, which was really annoying and most times were for Windows (I use mac). This is really simple, straight to the point and, what’s better, no need to download anything else – besides the video I want, of course. Thanks!

  15. Jess, I still cannot find the videos you mentioned above? can you post up the actual URL addresses here and I can then just click on them and proceed to download them, so for example when you are watching any of the videos mentioned above copy the full url address from the address bar and post it up here…I will try my best… Kieran

  16. How do you actually save them? I’m using a Mac, incase that matters, and the file downloads perfectly its just i can’t edit it or anything in iMovie etc. Any ideas?
    BTW thank you so much for your help!!

  17. Gemma… this may help…

    If you have have downloaded a bebo video file alreday and saved it as an .flv file I would suggest you download the free Mac program iSquint from here:

    Install the program and then open the .flv video file and then under “Settings” chose the defaults, Optimize for iPod, for Quality, Standard (or try High). The resulting file will be an MP4 file. This can be dropped into imovie (Imovie will decompress the file right when you drop it in, so allow 3 or 4 minutes before the mp4 file appears into your clips folder.)

    Try that…

  18. Thanks a bunch! Just as I read that I realized it was one of the many programs I was downloading!

    Thanks again!

  19. Steven … when you save the bebo video embed code to notepad you should have a part of the code that reads like this below:

    Now just copy that line and paste it into your browser URL address bar and add .flv to the end of it to end up with something like this:

    Just hit return or enter and you should be prompted to download the video file… try that and let me know how you get on?

  20. Finally, managed to save it 🙂 although it`s not yet finished, but I think it is the correct file since the file size is big (350MB)…

    What I did is using the LiveHTTPReaders, I noticed there was an URL that followed the same pattern as what you posted earlier to John_A. So, I copied the captured URL and combined it with your URL to John_A. So it works like charm !

    Thanks again, but I still hope that you can share on how you managed to get the prefix url ( .. THanks !

  21. hi and thanks for this so useful thing you wrote
    but when i paste the embed code in the notepad i get only

    so what should i do?plz help

  22. vivre … I also use the LiveHTTPHeaders firefox extension which will give you the true path to the video you seek from Brightcove.

    The url prefix is actually in the LiveHTTPHeaders info if you look for it, for the video you mentioned above the video .flv path was:

    Thanks for stopping by and using my info on how to download bebo, brightcove and videoegg videos

  23. Rohan … I think you have left out some text from your post? If you have a particular video from bebo, brightcove or videoegg please post up the link and I will try my best to provide you with the direct link to download your video choice?


  24. Hey man, was looking for a way to do this for a while now as I no longer had the original file of me playing guitar that I had on my bebo profile, and I wanted the video so I could upload it onto my you tube channel, though I was wondering, is there anyway at all that you can remove the annoying bebo watermark at the bottom right hand side of the video, would that mark disappear if I convert the file to AVI do you think?

  25. Hi Kieran, this is my first time on the board and actually came across this site while trying to read up on how to extract/rip Brightcove videos. I read all your posts on this page regarding HTTP Headers but I’m still not familiar with how that exactly works. From what I understand, the HTTPHeaders don’t work on IE. Is that true? Is there another way to extract the videos from Brightcove without having to install a new browser? I’m trying to save a video from the Entertainment Weekly website and they are heavily embedded as they use Brightcove as their video player. This is the video:

    If possible, could you assist me in extracting this video file? It would be greatly appreciated!

  26. Hi Kieran, just to say what a fantastic guide you’ve given us here, thanks. I’ve been using HTTPHeaders too but I’ve stumbled upon a video which I can’t seem to save, the address for the *.flv file is pointing to a a very strange url. It’s seems a different kettle of fish compared to the other brightcove videos.

    Perhaps you could cast your ‘expert’ eye over the video, I’d dearly love a link to download this. I appreciate your efforts in advance.

    Anyway, the video is here:

  27. Thanks to all for your recent comments…. It seems Brightcove have changed the way the player loads videos in their player, and the path to the files are strongly embedded… due to day work commitments I will have to wait till I find a work around to the problem of downloading Brightcove videos… in the meantime please subscribe to my blog and recieve the updates as I make them available… Thanks!

  28. Hello Keiran, have you managed to find the solution to the brightcove videos? I have been following the links but like you said, i think it has been changed.

    Thank you

  29. To Augustine & Reese.. sorry but I still havent found a solution to the Brightcove video downloads yet. I am busy work wise and will find a solution when I get some free time. talk soon… Kieran

  30. Hi there all! I have a REALLY SIMPLE solution for “downloading” vids from (and any similiar sites i assume): first of all – get Opera (browser) then load video you want in it, when it’s done go to folder “cache4” on your drive (it’s deep in Documents & Settings, but it’s not hidden) and…yes, your vid is waiting there:) (look for .flv format) Just copy it where you want (because after closing Opera it will be probably deleted) and that’s all! Well, it’s my first help online, so i hope it will be…helping;) Cheers!

  31. Mike…. well done and thank you for providing us with a simple approach to downloading video fron brightcove… I have used a similar approch using Internet Explorer where by you dump/clear all of your “Temporary Internet Files” first then visit and watch the Brightcove video you need, and after it has finished playing go back to your “Temporary Internet Files” folder and look for the .flv or similar files that you need and then copy or cut to a different location for your own use…

    Thanks again for your approach and thanks for visiting 🙂


  32. <>

    I have actually tried that with the EW link I mentioned in my other comment but couldn’t find the proper flv file, at least not with the brightcove vid…anyone else have any luck with that?

  33. Okay Reese, my orbit downloader managed to pick up the name of the flv but is having difficulties downloading your video. The following is the link to the video:


    as you can see, is a whole lot of mess…i know the url is a link somewhere in there..or is a matter of putting it together..anyone?

  34. Augustine, thanks…I did try with Orbit before (a number of times) and it just gives a constant cycle of “waiting…retry…” and eventually times out. Somehow, orbit is blocked from grabbing the flv file. I did previously extract that URL you mentioned above but could never figure out exactly where the correct link in there was, or how to determine it from that string. It’s driving me crazy.

  35. Can someone update on how to save Brightcove videos?

    I tried the Opera / IE method but could not find the cached files whatsoever.

    Did they change their service again to prevent this?

  36. Michael… no still no luck in downloading the Brightcove videos direct. I have been able to get a path and files name(.flv) to the original files using “Orbit” downloader and using their Firefox plugin but the length of the url and other session variables will some time to de-code.

    David A… when we find a solution I will contact you… meanwhile subscribe to the comments and check back regularly.


  37. how were you able to get the videos off of brightcove normally I’d just download the podcast of this episode but the band or jack must have uploaded a different video or something happened in between them uploading to brightcove(shows up on their official site) and uploading it to youtube and itunes because the quality of those are horrendous and realplayer won’t get it

    can you help? please

  38. forgot to mention I am not willing to download Firefox because every laptop I’ve installed it on something went wrong after I installed it everytime so I am wary of using that browser on laptops

  39. sorry didn’t read the other comments but the brightcove problems probably now that I think about it have something to do with the settings of the user

    like this video embed from that is a brightcove video when I pause it it loads (and I can use realplayer to get the flv)
    but with that video it loads as it watches or something and you can’t prevent it from pausing to load by pausing and waiting for a while

  40. I have not had time to dissect all of this, but maybe if i give you some puzzle pieces, we can figure this out.

    The brightcove streaming is a lot more complicated to break. I found that if you use their API and drill down in there file, they give a RTMP path, (using your video link above from Lindsay and running it through their API, and drilling down into their player I get rtmp://

    We break this down to a file with params:
    1. rtmp://
    2. &media/340478121/340478121_3065915001_TIATV25-brightcove
    3. &1227740400000
    4. &794d6ccc846aee51e905840861ac8078

    1. – The rtmp part is the base URL
    2. – I was able to figure out as:
    media/[ACCOUNT ID]/[ACCOUNT ID]_3065915001_TIATV25-brightcove
    3. – Is a time stamp (probably some key in order to access the file)
    4. – Probably another key

    My guess is that they use those params and append some other data to get a video

    I have heard that they create a dynamic file on the fly and only have a 20 minute time gap to use that file before a new one is created.

    Any insight to grabbing these videos would be Appreciated.


  41. Ok, see the problem is that i downloaded some videos to my bebo a couple of years ago or so and their still there, the problem is, i want them on my computer so that i can put them on other things and keep them..but idk how, like it’s all soo confusing..i tried what u said up there but it’s not working out for me..and this sucks..if u can help me out anyway, i’d be more gratful

  42. Aman.. thanks for taking the time to post up this useful info but I have almost abandoned the brightcove video download problem… they do have some dynamic/temp file access on those videos and I am beginning to think that they are using some sort of streaming service for these clips hence the rtmp protocol… I will keep on trying and keep you posted if something resolves.


  43. Great news guys! I was able to download using GrabPro on IE7. Although GrabPro is from Orbit, don’t use Orbit’s Grab++.. Grab++ won’t work because brightcove is now using rmtpe on new content.

    Here’s how to use it Just remember to start downloading as soon as it detects a streaming video. If it ends abnormally just refresh the page and try again.

    Quick note, Sometimes this doesn’t work on TV streams or lists because the player keeps loading another file after playing just a few seconds.

    I would like to share something I was able to come up with the help of Aman and a few other posts.

    From this line

    the “:1935” is actually a port number similarly used with SSL. That’s why Grab++ never gets a connection to the server and ends up retrying forever. If you take a look here you’ll see that rtmpe is, and I quote, ‘ enhanced and encrypted version of RTMP developed by Adobe systems for securing the stream data between flash client and server…’. This means rippers that rely on header information to get the exact file being streamed has no way of getting it.

    From what Aman shared I was able to make these comparisons:

    With RTMP, original donwloadable file sample:

    location is:

    Actual file is: 165012893_1536203463_3b0dc04c7b783ac69e980852ea8387aea8e3f543.flv

    With RTMPE, from Orbit’s Grab++

    [code omitted here]..OBT_fname=340478121_1793085102_taitvs3ep16-brightcove.flv

    If you look at the two closely, they both have the format of

    [ACCOUNT ID]_[some code]_[file_name].flv

    With RTMP, the [filename] part is a 40char hex hash code. For the RTMPE it’s like a simple machine readable code. So the only way to get the exact file name is to find a way to get the hash code portion. If this is a database entry then there’s no hope. But if this is generated by some code/key and algorithm then maybe there’s a chance to get the exact file. I have tried many samples from the code passed by Grab++ and used Sha1 to get a 40char hex hash code but all download attempts failed.

    That’s all I have to share. Good luck to you all and have fun!

  44. Mark… thank you for sharing your findings with us. Your detailed info is very well explained and welcoming. I will test your solution myself over the next few days and report back here with my results.

    Thanks again Mark!


  45. sorry again…

    param name=”flashvars” value=”&file=pf_sergio_gurgel_dir_penal_aula_01_video_02.flv&backcolor=999999&streamer=rtmpe://″ /

  46. Hello everybody! I tried everything to download video from brightcove, but all failed, even the Grab Pro prescribed by Mark(the liar who claimed he succeeded), could any real genius stand up tell us the correct way? OMG!

  47. i am trying to download a video i uploaded from bebo but the video embed code does not have any video egg in the code and i casnnot get it saved

    can you help?

  48. Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to find the .flv file for a Brightcove video on a Mac computer using Safari. I can’t download Orbit Downloader since it’s a Windows only program and the alternative program I was directed to doesn’t seem to detect the .flv file when I play the video so it doesn’t download it. I’ve searched my cache folder as well and can’t find an .flv file in it. I’ve also gotten the embed code for the video but anything that resembles a URL in it doesn’t work when I copy/paste it into my browser and add the proper extension.

    Anyone please help if you can.

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