Live Video Webcast 7th Dec, The Savoy, Cork – Seeing Red Records

Tonight I am in Cork City at The Savoy for the Seeing Red Records Christmas Launch Party.

I will be responsible for the live video web broadcast which will start at 10pm till 2am. I will be using my Canon XL2 and Windows Media Encoder running on my laptop to encode and broadcast this event live. There will also be live chat enabled so that viewers can chat with each other while watching the live broadcast.

If you get a chance please visit tonight after 10pm to watch and support this event.

If your at the event please come up to me and say “Hi”, I’ll be the one with the video camera and geeky stuff.

2 thoughts on “Live Video Webcast 7th Dec, The Savoy, Cork – Seeing Red Records”

  1. Thanks! The live feed went well considering I had only 1 hour in The Savoy to setup camera and test the connection speed and other bits. The Savoy upstream was quiet good I was able to combine the video and audio bitrate to about 190kbps but the audio lacked a bit.

    I had a direct audio line out from the mixing desk but my laptop picked up some crowd noise spill.

    Still it was the start of something new and fair play to for trying the webstream out. There is no one else in Cork (or any where else for that matter) doing this kind of online marketing and the response was way more than they expected.

    I’ll post up a clip during the week…

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