Calibrate your monitor with PANTONE® huey™

My Pantone Huey monitor calibration system widget

I recently purchased this excellent monitor calibration tool called “huey” from PANTONE® the reason being I was constantly struggling with monitor colour and gamma etc. Having used the Windows based tool “Adobe Gamma” which works to some degree for general calibration but when it comes to editing photos and especially video there was a need to get something that would do the job better so that your colours can be accurate all the time.

Huey (a USB device) was a simple install from the disk and takes only 5 minutes to have it up and running. First it tests the ambient light in your room and adjusts, then it asks you to place the widget on your monitor (it has little suction pads underneath) and goes through a 2 minute process of colour testing, when all is done you replace the widget back in its holder and you can choose an option to have it constantly monitor the changing room light as day becomes night it will automatically adjust your setting seamlessly.

The results are great, my screen colours are now more true and crisp with no gamma haze or overtones there is a confidence knowing what I see is what it is. When it comes to printing this widget really works… no more reds printing as pink etc. what you see on screen will come out on print.

Would I recommend it? Yes for sure its reasonably cheap… I picked up mine on Ebay for about €55.00 including p+p. If you have been having trouble with colours and calibrating give this product a go, you wont be disappointed.


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My Homemade Video Camera Crane Jib – DIY

I was busy last weekend shooting a music video for hip-hop artist Sandyman B for a soon to be released track called “I’m In Love”. It is early days for the video and many editing hours to come but I shot some really nice footage which I will blog about over the next few weeks with a few example shots from behind the scenes.

I used my homemade camera crane to take some unusual video angle shots. This crane was built by my friend Frank McQuillan based on on some plans that Frank, Mark Waters and I had come up with in April 2007. It was built as a prototype with wood, roller blade cogs, an old tripod speaker stand and various other bits and pieces. The cost was about €50 for materials.

Example Video

Below is an example video shot with the homemade jib crane and already it’s been viewed 8,355 + times on YouTube.



Some Photographs of the Camera Crane

Also below are some photographs my brother Gerard took when we tested it out back in April 2007. We even mounted a portable DVD player as a monitor on the pole using an old computer tower case cut and bent into shape, at the moment it only takes my small Canon MV890 camera but the shots are very pleasing.

Homemade camera crane jib

Homemade camera crane jib

Homemade camera crane jib

Below is the video we shot that day while experimenting with the crane, it’s of my other brother Martin who is a very enthusiastic DX Radio operator.



Bobby Lee & Band – Live video @ McDaids, Midleton, Co. Cork – Album Launch

Last Sunday I went to McDaids, Midleton, Co. Cork to video an album launch for my friend Bobby Lee, a well respected and talented musician from Ireland. His album “The Future History” has 9 tracks and is available for preview, mp3 download or cd at Cd Baby

Here’s one review describing the album:

Mark Mc Clelland – Backstage Traffic

“The Future History ” Bobby’s current album is a collection of beautifully crafted songs that will take your soul, look after it for a few hours and then hand it back with a smile that says, “Yes everything’s going to be alright.” And you know what? You believe it.

Bobby Lee - Live @ McDaids, Midelton

Live @ McDaids, Midleton, Co. Cork, Ireland – 16/12/07 – Photo by: Kieran McCarthy

Of his many achievements this is a very memorable one:

Irish Guitarist of the Future – Fender
In 1996 Bobby Lee was hailed as “Irish Guitarist of the Future” judged by Donal Gallagher brother of the great Rory Gallagher. The prize was a guitar and amp, and a trip to London to Fender’s 50th anniversary celebrations at the Wembley Conference Centre. There he received the award in front of a glittering audience which included, Hank Marvin of The Shadows, Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac & Albert Lee amongst others.

The Video

watch videoWatch here >> Bobby Lee & Band- Live video @ McDaids (pop up overlay)

I will be editing the rest of the footage in the new year as a promo dvd for Bobby. What was interesting about the video shoot was it was filmed and captured direct to external hard drive as apposed to dv tape. This was my first time trying this technique and it worked out a treat, it was ready for editing straight away.

Please head over to one of the links below and support Bobby Lee, an artist of well deserved recognition…

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