My Homemade Video Camera Crane Jib – DIY

I was busy last weekend shooting a music video for hip-hop artist Sandyman B for a soon to be released track called “I’m In Love”. It is early days for the video and many editing hours to come but I shot some really nice footage which I will blog about over the next few weeks with a few example shots from behind the scenes.

I used my homemade camera crane to take some unusual video angle shots. This crane was built by my friend Frank McQuillan based on on some plans that Frank, Mark Waters and I had come up with in April 2007. It was built as a prototype with wood, roller blade cogs, an old tripod speaker stand and various other bits and pieces. The cost was about €50 for materials.

Example Video

Below is an example video shot with the homemade jib crane and already it’s been viewed 8,355 + times on YouTube.



Some Photographs of the Camera Crane

Also below are some photographs my brother Gerard took when we tested it out back in April 2007. We even mounted a portable DVD player as a monitor on the pole using an old computer tower case cut and bent into shape, at the moment it only takes my small Canon MV890 camera but the shots are very pleasing.

Homemade camera crane jib

Homemade camera crane jib

Homemade camera crane jib

Below is the video we shot that day while experimenting with the crane, it’s of my other brother Martin who is a very enthusiastic DX Radio operator.



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